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    I have followed your instructions on you video and gotten the blade parrellel to the table, the the fence to the table, then the extension table on the right side. Now I move the extension table to the left and you show adjusting with a set screw under the far upper way tube. But, when I move the guide poles out to the table, it is off to the left and appears to be twisted.(one side higher then the other - after adjusting the drive motor won't slide easily)
    I replaced the locking head and all the way tubes; now I am closer but still off.
    I have a 1986 mark 510 updated to the 520.
    I am so tempted as to forget about the left side and move on.
    I was an aircraft A&P mechanic, a Master Certified automotive technician; I've worked with my hands and mind all my life. I am now retired as a diabled Vietnam vet, so I am spending as much time as I can with my shopsmith.
    Fustration is setting in so could you please give me a direction to go.

    Thank You,

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    • CommentTimeNov 3rd 2009 edited
    Have you tried asking your question at the Shopsmith Forum ( )? There are a lot of threads there addressing your exact problem. They are a bunch of VERY knowledgeable guys and can help you work out any SS related problem. Having said that, you have asked THE expert already. ;-)

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    • CommentTimeNov 3rd 2009
    As tooljunkie has said, there is another forum where this very subject has been discussed in great detail and there is what I consider a definite solution.

    However, I will do what I can here to address your problems as I understand them.

    Keep in mind that you are attempting to align three different tables so that their edges (the front and rear rails) are exactly in line. If the tables or even the rails on the tables are not installed to the same set of specifications - there is no way you'll get them all to line up.

    I have developed a procedure that seems to disregard some of the published procedures but it works for me....therefore I use it.

    Start by aligning the main table according to any main table alignment procedure you prefer. But it doing this, the more carefully you align the table to be parallel to the blade the better will be the end results. Once the main table is as perfect as you care top make are done with that part.

    Now, set the main table to a height that is comfortable for you. Slide the headstock to one end and install an extension table at that end of the Mark V. Adjust the extension table so that it is the same height and lock it there.

    Now move the headstock to the other end and install the other extension table there. Also mount an extension table at that end and adjust its height.

    You now have a main table and two extension tables mounted on the Mark V and setting at the same height.. Install the five foot tubes into the extension table, through a floating table, thru the main table, then through another floating table and then thru the other extension table.

    You now have all of the tables sitting at the same height an attached together by the 5’ tubes. If the tubes move back and forth in the rails with little or no friction, your tables are pretty well aligned. If not, you have more to do.

    Slide the headstock as far as it will go to the left side. Loosen the four studs that secure the extension table to the extension table base. Secure the extension table, the floating table and the main table to the front and rear rails and check to confirm that the main table and the left extension table and the floating table are all at the same height. If they are, secure the nuts that secure the extension table to the base. Do this using your fingers first and then tighten down with a wrench.

    If the tables were not all at the same height, you need to loosen the rails from the respective tables and align them with the positioning guage that was provided by Shopsmith. Once these is done, these three tables are all done.

    Repeat the same procedure to the other tables (floating and extension) after moving the carriage and headstock all the way to the right side. Once done, you should be able to loosen the 5’ rails and slide them back and forth with virtually NO RESISTANCE.




    You can contact me by email or the forum at if you have further questions or my procedure does not make sense to you.
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