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    The open-world missions are pretty standard stuff - kill a bunch of thugs beating on a black guy, interrogate someone by driving around dangerously with them in the passenger seat, go destroy some precious cargo. Sometimes you’ll encounter a car full of enemies cruising around their territory that you can take out. Mafia Online Game,All these actions dent the income of the faction you’re attacking, and when their coffers get low enough you can take out their leader in a final mega-mission. While I’m not averse to tearing into the KKK, I felt like I’d experienced the gamut of mission types available to me within about an hour, so decided to explore the rural hinterlands and see if they held any surprises.

    I didn’t find much in those soggy backwaters. While I managed to get my muscle car skidding up a dirt track to the national park, I found little there apart from a Playboy magazine (Mafia City’s novel answer to arbitrary collectibles). And it’s in these moments of free-roaming that I’m yet to be won over.

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