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    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2018
    Bart Gunn versus Butterbean (Wrestlemania 15)

    (a) The company couldn't promote it as a shoot (legitimate fight) because that would be pointing out that everything else WWF did was pre-determined <a href="">Cheapest Cigarettes In The World</a>.

    (b) Nobody could follow the wacky scoring system: Whichever wrestler connected with the most punches per round earned five points. A 'clean' takedown was worth five points and a knockdown was worth 10 (although ex-UFC star Dan Severn quit the competition because of his confusion over how matches were scored). The judge for each match: that famed Brazilian jiu jitsu expert Gorilla Monsoon <a href="">Newport Cigarettes Official Website</a>.

    (c) The fans crapped all over the concept. In the first week, the audience was chanting: "We want wrestling!"

    (d) Injuries piled up: Steve Blackman and Road Warrior Hawk were laid out and needed time off. Savio Vega aggravated an arm injury and was released later that year.

    (e) Careers were killed dead . . .

    Just as Wrestlemania 9 is unquestionably the worst WM of all-time, the blindfold match between Roberts and Martel remains the unparalleled champion of match suckitude. After The Model "blinded" Roberts with cologne, a match was put together to even the odds: both would cover their heads with a giant mask so "neither could see the other <a href="">Newport Cigarettes Price</a>." The end result is both guys staggering around the ring like Frankenstein for 10 minutes. You can count on two hands the number of times Martel and Roberts actually make contact in the, ahem, match. The debacle finally ended when Jake caught Martel with a DDT and pinned him. Too bad fans didn't get masks so they wouldn't have to have been subjected to this.<br/>Related articles:<br/> <a href="">Marlboro 100S Menthol</a>
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