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    How to organize the home cleaning properly

    For best effect of purity, the cleaning should be done every day, but that does not mean you have to do a full daily cleaning of the apartment. Cleaning of an apartment can be systematized so as to perform some work on a particular day. For example <a href="">Cheapest Cigarettes In The World</a>, the refrigerator wash on Tuesday, the cabinet clean on Wednesday, kitchen units wash on Thursday, etc. Such system saves a lot of time and does not cause fatigue.

    Useful information and ideas for cleaning apartments

    You have to start cleaning the room with vacuuming, and then wipe the dust. Otherwise, dust will settle again. Use a toothbrush for cleaning areas hard to reach as corners, notches, grooves in the sanitary technician, containers and household appliances. Apply antistatic agent on screens and rear surfaces of the appliances and TVs. On them will settle much less dust <a href="">Newport Cigarettes Official Website</a>.

    Soap solution to which is added a small amount of soda and vinegar is the perfect universal detergent. Another recipe for detergent: dissolve half a teaspoon of baking soda and liquid soap in hot water (0.5 l). The best is to apply this mixture with a pulveriser. Furthermore, by itself warm soapy water (with a small amount of baking soda) is a good cleanser not containing abrasives and harmful chemicals <a href="">Price Of Marlboro Cigarettes</a>.

    A solution of borax in water (half a cup of borax into 3 litters of hot water) is a good disinfectant and deodorant mixture. Other excellent and safe for the health disinfectants are white wine or cider vinegar and 3% hydrogen peroxide.

    For cleaning floors in a bucket of water is necessary to add a few drops of vinegar, and the floor will be washed clean and evenly. And for cleaning ceramic tiles, add a cup of vinegar to 3 litters of water.

    Carpet cleaning and stain removal

    There are several methods and cleaning ideas for carpets. In winter you can bring carpet on the snow, knock out the dust on the snow and sweep with a besom. But if the carpet is large and it is difficult to make it out of the house, it is possible to clean it in place with a vacuum cleaner, using carpet cleaners. There is another way to clean without the use of chemicals: the carpet should be sprinkled with salt, and then it is necessary to sweep it with a besom dipped in warm soapy water.

    Property of baking soda to absorb odours is useful when cleaning carpets. To use this feature, sprinkle on the carpet thick layer of baking soda and leave overnight or even for a longer time, and then sweep up the soda with a besom and clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner. If the smell still remained (perhaps you used an insufficient amount of soda), repeat the procedure.

    To remove stains from oilcloth tablecloth, use a solution of milk with water (1: 1) <a href="">Buying Cigarettes Online</a>, and then wipe it with a dry cloth. From fabric tablecloth stain of beer and white wine can be removed by wiping it with a sponge soaked in vodka. Spot of red wine should be sprinkled with salt and rinse with water. Spots of fruits can be removed with hot water or hot milk. Stains of coffee can be removed brine in water (5%) <a href="">Newport Cigarettes Price</a>, and for tea stains is necessary to use a mixture of glycerol and ammonia (4: 1).

    Maintaining a clean apartment is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. If cleaning of the apartment is organized properly, it is not onerous and unpleasant task. In addition, there is the possibility to ask for professional help. Our company can carry out cleaning carpet cleaning, stain removal, elimination of odours, and your apartment will shine with cleanliness.<br/>Related articles:<br/> <a href="">Discount E Cigarettes</a>
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