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    • CommentAuthoralisa086
    • CommentTimeJul 19th 2018
    Leslie Magallanes is tired of people commenting on her body. Like many others who have publicly posted about body positivity, she has had strangers as well as people close to her openly talk about how much she eats, and she often has trouble finding clothing that fits her properly. She doesn’t feel like her natural body conforms to what society calls beautiful. The difference between Magallanes and many “bopo” bloggers out there is that she feels criticized because she is skinny.

    “We don’t have it easy,” Magallanes wrote in a post on Facebook that went viral and has been picked up on the website Love What Matters. Though she is grateful to be able to eat whatever she wants, she laments, “Being called ‘anorexic,’ people telling you that ‘you need to eat more cause you need meat on your bones,’ ‘do your parents feed you?’ ‘you look hungry,’ people CONSTANTLY measuring your wrist with their hand calling you skinny like you don’t know it already, people asking you where is your butt or where is the rest of your chest.”

    Magallanes says she tries to find clothing that won’t make her look “like a walking stick with clown feet,” but she still gets comments in public. She says she understands that “thick” girls get a lot of negative commentary about their bodies, but wishes they wouldn’t in turn criticize women like her.

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