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    • CommentAuthortrubio
    • CommentTimeSep 8th 2010
    Sept 7, 2010

    If I'm correct, I think the new PowerPro's shipped at the end of August or the beginning of September. Has anyone gotten one yet, and if so, what is your impression? I'm hoping to get one soon, but in the meantime, I'd really be interested to hear from someone who has actually gotten his hands on one.

    (I originally made this post in the "Workshop" category, but I later realized that it should be in the "Tools" category. Sorry for the mix-up. I didn't know how to move it or delete it. This is my first time to ever post anything, anywhere and I don't speak computer very well.)
    • CommentAuthordusty
    • CommentTimeSep 8th 2010
    I have not ordered one (yet) and I have not laid eyes on one but on the forum at there are comments from several who have received theirs. So far everyone has nothing but good things to say.

    You can read these comments yourself by simply logging into "" ...without the quotation marks...but you won't be able to post unless you register. If you are a woodworker, why not register. It's free..
    • CommentAuthordusty
    • CommentTimeSep 22nd 2010 edited
    All of the reports are good so far. This just serves to make me want one even more than I did before. I hope that by the time I decide to order the waiting list isn't so long as to be discouraging.

    Congratulations RLFSHOP, LLC, dba Shopsmith

    Just a note: I had to do some research to find out what dba meant. DUH. It is "doing business as".
    New motors are made by Teknatool International. I brought one of their lathe chucks for my ShopSmith 510 and it is a fine product.
    Check out the DVRmotor at --
    I'd like to buy one, but it is a little too expensive for me.

    Jim A.
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    • CommentTimeJul 31st 2012
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