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    The consequence of this intellectual perspective was to crowd out the entrepreneur from the analysis of the wealth and poverty of nations. Investment in R and the management of the labor force were the issues of concern, not the discovery and learning of new ideas about resources and their use.
    From the BLS household survey, in December of 2008 the average duration of unemployment was 19.7 weeks, compared with 16.5 weeks in December of 2007. This lengthening in the duration of unemployment is also reflected in the Department of Labor weekly claims data released yesterday that showed the fourweek average number of continuing claimants for unemployment insurance at 4.63 million during the week of January 16, compared to 2.65 million in midDecember 2007 (see the chart below)..
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    4th experiencethe owner turned off the electricity to the room just as I was hitting SEND. (It is good to save a draft every 2 minutes.) I don know how it is for others, but each computer that I used was full of spammy crap, too. Viewed in modern times, the picture is a gorgeous blurred snap shot of a dynasty that helped shape England as we know it today. We can appreciate the family tree and the clever classical images of Mars, god of war, positioned with the aggressive Spanish (Philip and, due to a Spanish mother, Mary), referencing Elizabeth's military victory over their Armada (which, ironically to my point, should be noted as a religious war) and then, in polar opposite to this, Elizabeth with the Roman goddesses of Peace, Pax, and Plenty, Copia, referencing her diplomatic handling of matters at home and abroad.
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