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    In 1933, the following year, while collecting a shipment of whiskey for bootlegging, Tommy, Paulie and Sam are attacked by policemen on Morello's payroll, barely escaping with their lives. The next day, Salieri orders a hit on his consigliere, after Frank provides evidence of his money laundering activities to the authorities, assigning Tommy to the job.<br />
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    The mafia city h5 gameplay combines a base strategy <a href="" target="_blank">gangster games online</a> with the immersive story line the likes of which are found in legendary games like Grand Theft Auto and Mafia. If you have played strategy games like Red Alert or Age of Empires before, then you will be very comfortable playing Mafia City. However even if you haven’t had a taste of strategy games before, the in-game tutorials and conversations with your partners as well as the cut-scenes in between levels make it very easy for you to understand the gameplay mechanics.<br />
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    it’s a scripted, linear shooter that just happens to have an extremely elaborate backdrop and some limited freedom. Mafia City, on the other hand, is more explicitly a traditional open-world game—in the sense that its missions are scattered around the map and can be accessed at your leisure.<br />
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