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    • CommentAuthorAimini
    • CommentTimeAug 10th 2018
    In previous posts, we have confirmed that the first raid of Battle for Azeroth, Uldir will be unlocked on September (as well as regular Mythic dungeons being available immediately on the first reset after launch day, aka only hours after for US). Now, the first Warfront, the Battle for Stromgrarde will arrive in some day after the new expansion arrives. There is no a certain date confirmed, but we can assure that the first round will open a few week after launch with Alliance starting with the control of the keep. Don't forget to pre-order WoW mounts and WoW power leveling at raiditem! Find all the things you want here to be a leader of your faction! Click to know more information about Battle for Azeroth.

    To know the Warfront opening timing details, read the original post:

    “We’ve seen some confusion about when Battle for Azeroth’s first Warfront, Battle for Stromgarde, will open and would like to give some clarifications.

    Similar to other types of endgame content such as raids and rated PvP, the Battle for Stromgarde will not be immediately available at launch. Instead, it’ll open a few weeks later. Initially, the Alliance will control Stromgarde Keep (which allows access to certain outdoor content in the Arathi Highlands), while the Horde begins preparations to assault. Once those preparations are finished, Horde players will be able to queue for the Battle for Stromgarde Warfront.

    A few days afterward, the roles will reverse: the Horde will control Stromgarde (thus gaining access to the outdoor content), and the Alliance will begin their own preparations to retaliate. This process will continue to alternate between Horde and Alliance on a regular cadence.”

    There is 5 days away from the arrival of Battle for Azeroth. Please check our guide for how to prepare for the upcoming expansion. Also, is the most reliable website to buy WoW mounts and WoW gold at the most reasonable price. Fast delivery and top-end delivery are guaranteed. So try to buy wow mounts to gain more benefits here!

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