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    BIL is one of the leading UK manufacturers and distributors of castors, wheels and fittings for all sorts of industrial applications including... OEM products, materials handling, institutional equipment, moveable display, furniture and many specialist castors, solid or pneumatic wheels applications.

    The BIL range of castors and our selection of wheels benefit from the following...

    – Competitive pricing across our range
    – Load capacities for castors up to 11,500kg
    – ISO castors/wheels manufacturing standards
    – Customer service back-up powered by SAP
    – Most castors & wheels supplied from stock
    – Computerised auto-batch stock trace facility
    – Our ongoing development programme for castors, wheels and associated products

    Our castors, wheels and fittings range has been developed with the help of both our customers and component suppliers alike. Producing the highest quality casters and associated wheels has always been our aim since day one, and we believe this has added to BIL’s ongoing success in the castors and wheels market.

    We continue to offer a reliable, personal and friendly service supplying castors, along with solid and pneumatic wheels, to our customers, so that they can obtain the best possible solution for their castors and wheels requirement at the most competitive prices.
    BIL Castors and Wheels manufactures and supplies castors, casters and pneumatic wheels. Great deals on casters, big savings on pneumatic wheels. Huge selection of castors for all applications
    • CommentAuthordusty
    • CommentTimeSep 23rd 2011
    Do your homework why don't you. If you want to sell casters here I would suggest that you market the type that most of us would use.

    No. I'll not do your research for you. You figure out who your market is.
    • CommentAuthorvaxbert
    • CommentTimeSep 23rd 2011
    From the site's Instruction & FAQ section:

    Can I post notices of tools or woodworking equipment for sale?

    No, you can't... ...If you are a manufacturer of new tools or offer woodworking services, ping us or write us. We have some unique, exciting, and affordable advertising venues for you to consider.

    IMHO - What's good for the gander ought to be good for the goose.
    • CommentAuthorAijca
    • CommentTimeJul 31st 2012
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