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    I took [url=]Marlboro Red Cigarettes[/url] the boat to Alaska in 2008 and had a fabulous trip with good friends on their boat. coast, stopping along beautiful areas of the Central Coast, to the Khutzeymateen Provincial Park near Prince [url=]Cheap Newport Cigarettes[/url] Rupert, and into Alaska, stopping in many ports and going into Tracy Arm, and then onto the amazing Glacier Bay. It was a fantastic three-month trip I took to celebrate my retirement!

    What's your dream day on the boat?

    My dream day is going up Indian Arm with clear skies and a slight breeze. I stop at the DCYC outstation at Iron Bay and have a swim, and maybe stay overnight.

    How often do you go out in it?

    I'm out on the boat all the time. I use it in the winter to go up Indian Arm, and throughout the summer my wife and I join other boating friends to go up the coast. We'll go out just for a day cruise and swim to Bedwell Bay and over to Port Moody to pick up my grandchildren [url=]Cheap Cartons Of Cigarettes[/url] for a ride. I also go on a "gentlemen's cruise" with friends on their boats from time to time, where we have gourmet meals.

    When/why did you start boating?

    I was a skier and my wife bought me sailing lessons the Christmas we moved here so we would have something to do in the summertime! We bought our first sailboat, a C 25, when my first daughter was born, in 1982. We moved up to a C 30 when our twin girls were born and sailed it around the coast for 25 years with all of us on board.

    What kind of wildlife have you spotted up Indian Arm from the boat?

    I've seen bears [url=]Cigarettes Wholesale[/url] on the land, and sea lions and many seals in the water. The scenery is spectacular and I never get tired of it.