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    In this series,<a href="">Abstract Painting</a> we’re hunting down smart solutions to those little laundry room problems, from where to fold clothes to how to keep extra detergent.[url=]Abstract Painting[/url] First up: eight ways to make room

    for hang-drying clothes.

    1. Undershelf hanging fishing rod. Attaching a hanging fishing rod to the underside of an upper shelf means not a lttle bit of room is wasted. Use the top shelf to put supplies in bins, and hang freshly laundered t shirts below. Plumbing

    pipe provides this rustic laundry room an professional edge, and it gives a budget-friendly materials if you’re looking to DIY.
    Scandinavian Laundry Space by Red Lily Refurbishments
    Red Lily Renovations
    2. Cupboard hanging rod. Currently have a cupboard in your laundry room, but wish you had more space to hang up freshly laundered clothes? Remove any shelving and doorways from the cabinet, and install a short hanging rod to transform it

    into a useful little dangling nook.

    This is a good solution for dangling freshly laundered and dried out clothes;[url=]Oversized Canvas Art[/url]
    damp clothes dangling to dry need more airflow than a filter cabinet can provide.
    4. Nook-size hanging rod. Also the tiniest sliver of room can be outfitted with a hanging rod.[url=]Minimalist Art On Canvas[/url]
    This under-the-stairs laundry area turns an awkwardly curved space into a place for several hangers.
    Laundry Room by Ben Herzog
    Ben Herzog
    5. Over head drying rack. This wardrobe laundry room makes smart use of the limited quarters with wall-mounted racks, a counter over the washer and dryer for folding, and a ceiling-mounted drying rack. With the doorways open, it’s a

    fully useful laundry; close the doors, and it all disappears.
    Extensible drying rack. Pull out this expandable metal drying out rack, and it provides as much — or as little — drying out space as you need. You should definitely in use, the rack retracts and hides away behind cabinet doors.