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    Designer: Libby Palmieri of House of D
    Location: Port Clinton, Kansas
    Size: 154 sq . feet (14. 3 sq . meters); 11 by 14½ feet (3. 3 by 4. 4 meters)

    Homeowners’ request: A generous room with double washer and dryers in a summer season home for a family of six.

    Special features: Two washers and two dryers. Four custom drying rack drawers. Built-in valet rods.[url=]Abstract Painting[/url] Open shelves with laundry baskets for sorting. Large broom closet. Countertop for


    Why the design works: “Three wall space in this laundry room allow for great work flow to happen, ” designer Libby Palmieri states. “From sink to washing machine and dryer, to the countertop, folding and storage area, anyone in the

    space may easily pivot and effortlessly transition in one step to the next in the laundering process. ”

    Designer secret: “My favorite things to add are pullout hampers, ” Palmieri says.[url=]Large Abstract Painting[/url]

    “This way, if a load or two are not able to be managed at the same time, clothes can be put away until the next time with the washer and dryer. In this particular laundry room, there are three pullout hampers. I feel this helps keep a

    laundry room uncluttered and neat. ”

    “Uh-oh” moment: “Originally the room had the sink located on the right wall structure as you came in, as opposed to under the window, [url=]Oversized Canvas Art[/url]
    ” Palmieri says. “To me, when there is a window in a laundry room, the kitchen sink naturally wants to be under it. The architect had concerns that we would lose the edges, but I was able to implement Rev-A-Shelf’s blind corner

    pullouts, which made those areas good storage space spots. ”

    Also on the team: Stephen Michael Schill of Schill Structures; Jason Miller of Pixelate Photography; Jamie Strimple and Seanna Steinle of Home of L (senior design associates); Stephanie Hayden of House of L (architectural intern)

    Also on the team: Forte Building Team; Custom Woodworks (cabinetmaker); McGinn Photography