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    Hello all! I am planning on buying a school bus and converting it into a quality apartment on wheels to live in full-time. I have big plans and I'm taking the next few years to research and prepare. I have spent the last 2 years living full-time in a used RV and I am confident that building a motorhome from a bus will suit my needs best. I'd be happy to share designs etc. but I had a few questions regarding hardwood that I would like to pose here.

    FIRST- a motorhome is like an apartment that suffers through a mild earthquake every day. Everything gets jostled and shifted constantly. Though many people choose materials that are "strong" to withstand the abuse, I personally feel (based on my thoughts that derive from my study of the human body) that flexibility and adaptability are more desirable. I want to choose materials that have "give". Considering that weight is also a significant factor, I would like to pick hardwood that maintains the most desirable balance between flexibility and weight. ANY SUGGESTIONS ON WHICH HARDWOODS TO CONSIDER?

    I thanks you in advance for your suggestions!

    • CommentTimeOct 24th 2014
    gut the travel trailer and install it into the bus...