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    How To Treat a Cat for Matted Fur

    Did you know that even the fur of short haired cats can get matted? Although it is more common in long-haired varieties, all cats can get mats in their fur. Here's how to treat a cat for matted fur:

    Prevent mats. Prevent mats by <a href=" ">Cheap Cigarettes Newports</a> keeping your cat indoors and grooming them frequently. Some cats' fur may mat quicker than others, so pay attention to your cat's particular needs when determining how much care their coat requires and how much you should let them roam outside.

    Brush your cat's fur. Groom your cat regularly with a brush or comb specifically designed for cats. Start grooming your kitten from a young age so that they will get used to it; older cats may hate to be groomed if it was not done from the time they were a kitten. Do not give your cat a bath before brushing, because this can create tangles that are difficult to remove. If you must bathe a cat, comb out the hair first, and then give your cat a bath. If your cat has mats and you plan to bathe the cat, use <a href=" ">Newport Wholesale Cigarettes</a> a little hair conditioner directly on the mats.