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    Remain calm. If your cat hates to be groomed, stay calm. Cats can sense your anxiety. Wait until your cat is relaxed and sleepy, rather than trying to remove mats when your cat wants to eat or play.

    Work out the mats. If you find mats when brushing out your cat's fur, carefully work at them with your fingers. Be [url=]Usa Cigarettes Online Free Shipping[/url] careful not to pull the mats too far from your cat's skin as you work at them. This would hurt the cat as much as if [url=]Buy Newport Online[/url] someone were to pull your hair.

    Use scissors. [url=]Cheap Wholesale Newport Cigarettes[/url] If your cat has small mats in their fur, you may need to cut them out if a brush or your fingers won't work. Start far away from the skin, and carefully snip down the middle of the fur mat. Then, try again to work it out with your fingers before [url=]Discount Cigarette Cartons[/url] making any more cuts. Be very careful not to cut your cat's [url=]Wholesale Usa Cigarettes[/url] skin.