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    • CommentAuthorjahda46619
    • CommentTimeOct 11th 2018
    Refrigenrated dryer
    Model: ST-NF02
    Cooling type: air cooling (F)
    Air treatment volumes(Nm3/min):0.5-65
    Intake air temperature(Max./standard):45℃/42℃
    Ambient temperature(Max./standard):40℃/35℃
    Work pressure(MPa):standard 0.7, max.1.0
    Refence pressure dew point:2-10℃ pressure drop≤0.025MPa
    The refrigeration dryer is a compressed air water removal purification equipment that constrainedly cools the compressed air by refrigeration principle according to the correspondence between water’s saturated vapor pressure and the temperature, makes water vapor in the compressed air supersaturated at low temperature, condensed and dewed, and separates water.
    Under normal conditions, the refrigeration dryer can decrease the air dew point (under pressure) to 2 ~10 ℃, and remove part of the oil mist, and meet the requirements of most compressed air quality grades except few application areas with special requirements for air quality.Air Compressor factory