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    Product Description
    stackable skids plastic pallets
    Product Name1108 nine feet plastic pallets
    ColorAs customer require
    StyleSingle faced
    Entry Type4 way
    Dynamic Load(KG)500
    Static Load(KG)1000
    Shelf LoadN/A
    Product Show
    The bottom of the nine foot grid is made up of 'nine legs', and the surface is a' grid '. The industry is convenient to call it a nine foot grid. The nine foot grid pallets are mostly lightweight plastic pallets, which are not easy to use on the shelves or the heavy goods. In most cases, nine foot grid plastic pallets are used. The warehouse can be used for damp proof, and the turnover of light goods can also be used.
    1, the principle is that the material melted by heat will be injected into the mold cavity by high pressure, and then the product will be obtained after cooling and solidification. This method is suitable for batch production of complex parts and is one of the important processing methods.
    2, material: using polythene (PE/PP) and other thermoplastic materials, plus some additives to improve performance, through injection molding process and made;
    3, applicable range: food, pharmaceutical, chemical, textile and other industries warehousing logistics transportation;
    4, surface color: blue, black, and can be made into other colors;
    5, Corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance, long service life and so on.
    Delivery Time Skids Plastic Pallets