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    • CommentAuthoraawdd123
    • CommentTimeOct 24th 2018
    Konita KLP- HD High Sensibility UV CTCP Plate
    UV- CTCP plate is double layer coated and specifically applied to a variety of commercial printing and newspaper printing, which has properties of clear dot and gradation, quick ink- water balance, long run- length and adaptability and etc. Whether traditional or alcohol dampening, the plate outputs clean, clear and accurate color print.
    Technical Specifications
    ApplicationCommercial printing and newspaper printing
    Coating ColorBlue
    Exposure Energy Required55 mJ/cm2
    Resolution1% @ 200lpi & 20uFM
    Run LengthLong
    Developing ToleranceGood
    IPA ResistanceGood
    Hydrophilic TreatmentYes
    Work FlowChina All Products