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    I was considering how tree rings form, with the latewood forming denser wood while the tree grows more slowly
    during the later season, and began to wonder: If you grew a tree, let's make it pine, in a controlled environment
    where it gets constant light at a fixed intensity, soil moisture was kept consistent and the temperature
    regulated, could you get the tree to grow at a more-or-less controlled rate and have the density of the wood come
    out a certain way?

    So if I like the color, density and texture of the latewood in pine, could I grow a tree with a trunk that consisted
    of only that?

    I read that trees in tropical climates can have little to virtually no rings because of the warmer climate, so I would
    assume that this might be possible.

    If anyone definitely knows, can you show me an example of this practice or whether it has a name?
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