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    • CommentAuthorcuod88b
    • CommentTimeNov 7th 2018
    Product feature:
    High quality potatoes, no pollution, no insects, no spots, skin thin and complete high quality products, home production base and large processing plant, guarantee high quality
    Selling point advantage
    The original ecological planting: do not use pesticides and fertilizers, environmental health
    Hand Pick delivery: manual fine selection, quality assurance, rest assured orders
    Professional storage: a professional storage warehouse to ensure that fresh straight hair
    Beautiful packaging: clean and safe carton packaging, buy comfortable
    Adapt to the crowd
    Vegetable wholesale, supermarket direct supply, non-staple food processing, home purchase, hotel direct supply
    Reply your message promptly within 24 hours
    To provide you with high quality products
    Professional after-sales service teambuy Cold Storage Potato