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    • CommentTimeNov 8th 2018
    The manipulation came to light during an investigation into allegations that the school accepted the son of an education ministry official in exchange for favorable treatment for the school in obtaining research funds. The bureaucrat and the former head of the school [url=]Online Cigarettes Store USA and Buy Cigarettes Online[/url] have been charged with bribery.
    The investigation found that the school reduced all applicants' first-stage test scores by 20 percent this year and then added at least 20 points for male applicants, unless they had failed at least four times previously.
    Like many voters from underrepresented communities, Candace said she was particularly concerned with voting rights and voter oppression, which was widely reported throughout the state, though not at her precinct. "I believe that my ancestors fought for us to be able to vote, so it’s important to vote,” she said. "Holding her 6-year-old son’s hand, the “we” she used to include the young boy reinforced how this election is not only about the voting population, but also about the next generation. "We voted for Stacey Abrams. We’ll see what happens. We’ll be watching."
    Politics also matters to 30-year-old Wyyante because of the title she cherishes most: mother. “It is important [url=]2018 Wholesale Newport And Marlborl Cigarettes USA[/url] as far as schooling my kids,” she said with her 5-year-old son Isiah on her back. Her 9-year-old daughter didn’t join at the polls this time, but the girl was on her mind while casting her ballot, which included local seats and propositions. ”Only my friends who have kids care about who’s gonna be taking over the school system in our area," she said. "We have to."
    The fact remains that too many American citizens do not exercise their right to vote, with turnout even lower in midterm elections than presidential years, despite a spike in this election cycle. "Instead of complaining, get out to vote to make a difference. If you don’t come to vote, then you can’t complain about anything," Shondell told Refinery29, all fired up outside of her polling place in College Park. In addition to Abrams’ platforms aligning with her views, representation matters to the 36- year-old Delta Sky Club chef. "I think she will make a great difference," she said, "and it’s really good to see different races and genders."

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