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    I have really enjoyed reading Nicks chart on North American Hardwood and softwood properties. There is one wood that is not on the charts though that is very common here on Cape Cod - the Locust. Locust is incredably hard. It is popular with boat builders and for fence posts because it is very, very rot resistant. I have a 17' marine plywood skiff that has a stem and other structural components made from locust - it really is great stuff. The dashboard of my boat is also locust - I am including a picture below. (I did not build the boat - a neightbor and good friend that is a professional wooden boat builder built it.) I also turn salt water fishing plugs from locust - it turns very nicely and makes for a dense and durable plug with good weight for long casts. The one drawback to locust is that it grows very twisted so it is difficult to get long straight pieces from a tree. Next time your considering wood for an outdoor project - consider locust. I don't think you'll be dissapointed! Alec
    • CommentTimeMay 21st 2009
    Alec, I hope to expand that chart in future after we've filled in the greyed-out topics in the Know-How section. So it's probably a few years in the future, but if someone feels there's a wood species I need to include, please let me know. Beautiful work, by the way. Same for the work shown in the wood bending post.

    With all good wishes,
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