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    Get the right equipments for your wow gold fishing: you should make the fishing and cooking together in world of warcraft. The two complement each other and you can level both of them extremely quickly if you do this. A campfire no longer needs any reagents to make, so set one up next to you when you fish and cook whatever you catch! As you progress through the levels, you'll start to be able to cook some pretty cool stuff with your fish, and you'll be able to sell it for quite a bit!

    One of the most popular online multiplayer RPGs is World of Warcraft (WoW). WoW players are known for spending days or even weeks glued to their computers trying to level up. Because of the great difficulty and tremendous amount of time it takes to build a WoW character up to level 80 there are always people looking for the secrets of leveling up faster, or Power Leveling. Power leveling in WoW is a great way to get to the best parts of the game quickly.

    One of the amazing things that makes Warcraft fun to play is it feels instantaneous. Even thought the real game is happening on a server 200ms away from you, when you playing everything feels fast and immediate. If you been playing networked games for 10+ years you can appreciate what an accomplishment that is. Even modern games don always get this right, the lag is one of the big reasons I never played much Lord of the Rings Online. (Too bad, it a beautiful game.)

    Aiming to be a hotshot professional gamer is like a schoolyard basketball player wishing to be the next NBA superstar LeBron James. It's no simple walk around the Xbox. "You have your average player who's into the game, you have your hardcore player who's really into the game, then you have your pro gamer. It's a whole different level the practices, the competitions, the stress," he says matteroffactly.

    Blizzard was at that time busy with it's new huge success and technological breakthroug: Starcraft and it's expansion set Brood War7. Yep, yet another break through! This made it much easier for fans to challenge each other across the web and people could battle each others from the other side of the globe.

    This practice of using World of Warcraft cheats is frowned upon by Blizzard, the creators of Warcraft. This doesn't mean however, that the people who use any of the World of Warcraft cheats, or for that matter the people who find and create these cheats, are going to stop anytime soon.

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