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    • CommentAuthoralisa086
    • CommentTimeDec 7th 2018
    All is well in the shore house, now that the 1.5 meatballs that are Deena have returned to the flock. To celebrate, Nicole has planned what she refers to as “a fun adult party,” which, contrary to that description, is not an Eyes Wide Shut masked orgy, but an excuse [url=]Newport cigarettes,newport box 100s menthol cigarettes[/url] to fuck around with slip-and-slides, free-rolling human hamster balls, and various other massive inflatable toys in the backyard. Burger King caters some extremely conspicuous sponcon, for the second time this season. Vinny is so committed to his paycheck that he consumes his first carbs in 27 days.

    It’s decided that Angelina and Vinny will “joust,” seeing who can balance the longest on a platform while playing, essentially, a full-body, full-contact version of tetherball. Vinny suggests an intriguingly specific wager: The loser must kiss the winner’s feet. For whom are the stakes higher? He cites her distaste for underwear and infrequent showering schedule; she cites his “disgusting, dirty, ugly talons.” After a long, mutually well fought battle, Vinny wins. Angelina kneels on the grass and pays homage to his very veiny foot, then runs away, screaming. Apparently, this was all Vinny required to end their feud. They hug. Toe kissed, beef squashed.

    The gang splits up along gender lines to go out. The gentlemen are in for an uneventful evening [url=]Smoking USA Newport and Marlboro Cigarettes[/url] at Jenks, where it proves to be a snoozy country music night. They sit outside on the patio and eat ice cream cones (Vinny, having entered a full-on a sugar spiral, will also house a funnel cake by night’s end). A young man approaches their table and dances, by himself—his solid repertoire of moves includes shoulder rolls, Elaine Benes-esque little kicks, and picking up a chair and then putting it back down for some reason—for an extended period of time. There is something very Twin Peaks about this whole scene.

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