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    In its letter published last week, the CRTC said: Rogers has stated that misclassification occurs in only a few cases, staff notes that Cisco identifies various applications that have been misidentified. He commends the CRTC on doing its own testing and not relying so much on what Rogers says in its defence.

    "The Xfire userbase is a strong trend indicator for gaming titles like Star Wars: The Old Republic and World of Warcraft" said Xfire Chief Marketing Officer, , "One of the core product features that attract gamers to Xfire is the ability for users to track their game hours. This data gives Xfire and DFC terabits of insightful trends into which games users are playing and how often."

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    Absolutely!! More families need to be closer today. Life is hard enough and way too many diseases that are not curable. Being open and honest about everything brings a family closer I feel. Masturbation is healthy in different ways for both sexes. I would show both my son and daughter the art of masturbation. You can Google "Healthy reasons to masturbate". You will be amazed at the response. Masturbation really isn't a bad word or taboo; it's natural and a part of being human. Nudity is another one. I would allow nudity in the home and back yard (if very private) as long as everyone is clean all the time (wiped / washed bottoms, VJ's) before sitting on furniture. When our children see their loving parents naked all the time, it becomes natural. When you are use to seeing the opposite sex naked it isn't a big deal and there wouldn't be so many hangups about nudity either. We were all born naked and we are all human, why hide that fact. Start teaching your young children at a young age about nudity then as they get older, masturbation. Obviously, you will know when both would be the right time for your child.

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