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    • CommentTimeJan 6th 2019
    Always remember what is in my heartthings are inseparable from my mind, and these things make me painful and unbearable.and Dad are usually very close and very close, but sometimes Dad makes a mistake, and Mom and Dad will fightDad played a lot of racks, one of which made me very sad: once, my father went out to drink at night, my mother came back from work, and saw that my father was not at home, I called my father []Newport Cigs Cheap[/url]. At the time, I was at my grandmother��s house []Marlboro Hard Cigerate[/url], I don��t know my father and mother were playing. A brother from Houhai came to give something, went home and watched the fight, and quickly called me, thinking that I would persuade my parents, but I can't discourage them. I went home and saw my mom and dad put the room. The door was locked, and I couldn��t get in. I had to look at the door and saw them playing at home. I not only wanted to cry in pain []Usa Gold Cigarettes For Sale Online[/url].
    I ran to the street and looked at no one around me. I was crying sadly. I thought I was the strongest person. I wouldn��t cry no matter what happened []Carton Of Marlboro Reds Free Shipping[/url], but I couldn��t help it. Mom and Dad finished playing. She has a face, and my face is crying like a cat, and myhe evening, Dad sleeps on his own, and I sleep with my mother. When I sleep, my dreams are and Dad talked after a few days. I have been wronged and saddened in these days. I don��tn the moment when Mom and Dad were good, I smiled happily. I understand that the main thing about happiness in life is family reunion, happiness, and happiness. This is the mostthat in the days to come, Mom and Dad will no longer fight, and I am happy to live a happy day. I have seen many in my childhood, stars, big names, they are all driving cars, living in high-rises, but I can't look at them, because their standard of living is far from mydream is to be an astronaut. Everyone knows that Yang Liwei in 2003, driving the space on the 5th of Shenzhou. In the earth where we have lived for hundreds of millions of years, Yang Liwei stayed on the earth for 21 hours. Said to the family over the earth: "I saw the earth that human beings have lived for hundreds of millions of years!" Yang Liwei also read the newspaper on the spaceship and greeted the launch area []Wholesale Marlboro Red 100'S Cigarettes[/url]. However, this dream may not be completed in reality. Probably only appeared in my dreams, but I will try my best to turn "probably" into "affirmation." Turn your dreams into reality, I will work hard!r hard work, I believe that one day I will board the moon and see our beautiful earth!assmates, this is my dream, you must have a dream! Then start your brain and turn your dreams into reality! Come on