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    • CommentTimeJan 25th 2019
    If the shutdown ends within a week, that means the airline could begin flying by mid-March. But there are few signs an end is near, which is why executives told Wall Street the launch of flights could push into the April-June period. Southwest's first flights [url=]Newport cigarettes,newport box 100s menthol cigarettes[/url] will be from California to Hawaii. Inter-island flights would come after that.
    JPMorgan (JPM) Asset & Wealth Management CEO Mary Callahan Erdoes is confident the government shutdown will get resolved, but the length of the shutdown nevertheless concrerns her.

    “This will solve itself. We will get back to normal. The problem is the longevity of this one,” Erdoes said in an interview with Yahoo Finance’s Editor-in-Chief Andy Serwer at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. “You can think about short-term government delays as short-term problems that get rectified quickly. The longer it goes, you’re not going to make that up in the economy.”

    For example, a family that skipped dining out last week because they didn’t have the money available is not going to dine out twice the following week to make up for the missed experience. They’re also not going to buy an extra tank of gas when the funds are suddenly available.

    "A lot of those things are expenditures that are not going to happen,” Erdoes said. “That’s going [url=]2018 Wholesale Newport And Marlborl Cigarettes USA[/url] to have a weight on the GDP of the U.S. That’s then going to weigh on the minds of CEOs, who think about, ‘Should I put money into my next plant property or equipment that I’m going to invest in or should I wait?’ So, I think the longer it goes, the longer you’ll get a wait-and-see from both CEOs of corporations and individuals.”

    The federal government shutdown, now in its 34th day, is the longest on record. But it’s just one item on the “laundry list” of “moving pieces,” from Brexit to U.S.-China trade tensions, that could weigh on the markets, according to Erdoes.

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