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    Alexander, who was a capable ambassador to Kabul not rs3 gold so long ago, has looked displeased with his mission. Few would blame him. The Prime Minister himself, of course, resorted to the economic argument: It's all about the jobs, for Canadian workers building widgets for the F 35..

    Etc. But I still learn something from these exercises. In this case, that I need to go to Amoeba Records and buy some Jeff Beck albums. The energy in the book is, however, oddly primitive, perhaps all the stronger for that. In her essay on Jack Smith's movie Flaming Creatures, Susan Sontag tried to formulate what this sort of energy means and does in a work of art. "In its own way," she wrote, Flaming Creatures illustrates [the]snobbery about the coherence and technical finish of the work of art.

    It was the perfect storm for surfers over the weekend as waves slammed coasts around the country.The Antarctic blast sent surfers to Otago as monster swells combined with perfect conditions to create giant barrels peeling off a series of outer reefs along the southeast coastline.The waves are rare, requiring a swell of at least 8m combined with the right wind speed, swell angle and tide.Local photographer Derek Morrison said each surfer was towed into the wave before attempting to ride in and out of the giant barrels."They're without doubt waves of consequence and it is a hostile environment with a swell like that, so you need all hands on deck in case something goes awry," said Morrison, who runs the surf photo blog Box of Light.The waves were part of a complex weather system which also pulled chilly air up from the Antarctic and across the country, making Sunday night the coldest night of the year for most areas.But the weekend's wintry temperatures have since made way for more autumnal weather patterns.Frosts were still expected overnight in parts of the North Island as the skies remained clear, with inland areas dipping below 0C. Taumarunui temperatures were approaching 2C at 11pm.That was expected to be colder than most of the South Island, where a blanket of cloud kept in some of the heat. At 11pm it was still a balmy 10C in Invercargill.Normal autumn weather patterns are forecast for the last week of autumn although it would be wise to keep the winter woollies ready.A period of rain is expected in the west of both islands, with a drier run expected in the east, according to MetService.

    The outer frame stands as the odd man out breaking the impression that it's a metal unibody phone. Its chamfered edges, however, help in giving the F1s some stability in the hands. Even though the phone is slippery, it won't be flying off your hands or sliding off a gentle slope very easily.

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