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    Nick, how nice it is to get to know you in person. After watching you through all the Shopsmith videos, in the last few weeks, I feel that I do know you.

    After All, I have been coming to Branson Mo. for about twenty years, and never without stoping in at the Engler Block. I have bought carving tools, carving books, and carving blocks from you for all these years, and I still have carving tools, carving books and carving blocks still waiting to be carved into aittle boot.

    I just turned 77 on the 19 of May, maby in another year or two , "maby" I will be able to send you a picture of my little boot.

    I want to tell you, that about five weeks ago, I ran acrosss the Shopsmith Website, and there yoiu were. I had become so disenchanted with my 5oo over the 25 years that I have had it, It had become a dust collector in the corner of the shop. After watching your Maintenance and allignment videos. I rolled it out to the center of the shop, bought new belts, oiled, yes and even waxed everything that wasn't nailed down. I have ordered the Sanding discs, both conical and flat, now that I know how to use them. My wife now calls me a old kid with a new toy.

    Thanks again Nick. And Thanks for thi new Forum.

    Clement Femelat

    If you have had your 500 for 25 years you should tell your wife that you are an old kid with and old toy. Big smile here! I am sure we are all going to have fun playing with our toys on this new forum thanks to Nick and his wife.

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