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    Introducing Template Tom,
    My experience working with wood began sixty one years ago, and in that time I served an apprenticeship in Carpentry and Joinery followed by thirty years teaching the subject in various High then on to a fifteen year career as a Cabinet maker. Retired some nine years ago but have still kept up my interest in wood. My latest project was the Dining room table and chairs in our local timber (Jarrah). This project was made mainly with the router.

    I have found that the most versatile tool in my workshop is the ROUTER where I have developed new routing techniques. It was during my years as a cabinet maker I discovered there was more to this router than was available in print form. Like most router users I placed it under the table for a great number of years. When refurbishing executive aircraft I was confronted with many problems and therefore I had to introduce new routing techniques to complete various projects to be installed in the plane.

    Recently I returned to teaching for a year (2005) and my class were VIPs (Vision Impaired Persons) teaching woodwork and the main tool that was used was the router. This required producing Jigs and Templates for them to use. The router was used mainly in the hand held position as it was considered safer to be used that way.
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    Welcome, Tom. My web site host (who provides several reports on visitors, one of them geographic) tells me you're from Down Under. Hope to hear something about the woods you work with as well as your router experience.

    With all good wishes,
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