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    • CommentAuthorAdobey
    • CommentTimeJan 26th 2018
    According to WoWhead, some collectors have datamined the rewards for the upcoming expansion after Legion, Battle for Azeroth. The rewards are two mounts and a pet, including the Seabraid Stallion mount, and the Horde get the Gilded Ravasaur mount, and Tottle battle pet. Both factions can acquire Tottle battle pet, the Alliance can get the 2 mounts. Besides, you can add any your favorite WoW mounts to your collection. is providing you a wide range of WoW mounts and WoW items at the most competitive price.

    Here is the strength of each reward:

    Seabraid Stallion - presumably the Alliance preorder mount
    Gilded Ravasaur - presumably the Horde preorder mount
    Tottle (pet)

    In previous post, we mentioned that Blizzard plans to make WoW Classes more unique in Battle for Azeroth. However, there is no further info on when the Battle for Azeroth will be available to preorder. Legion was announced at Blizzcon 2015 on November 6th, and the game launched August 30th 2016. If you alpha testing of BoA is soon, the preorders are coming sooner than later. 0ag&dg*1

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