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    Can pornography and philanthropy go together? For Phil Harvey head of Adam Eve, one of the leading American entertainment companies, and president of DKT International, a global charity into which he pumps part of his profits they do. DKT, by the way, stands for Dharmendra Kumar Tyagi, an early champion of family planning in India, who designed the red triangle symbol. Tyagi popularised family planning in the 1960s using what is now called social marketing in a big way. Harvey was in India for five years as a CARE volunteer supplying food in famine-hit Bihar and was friends with Tyagi.

    named DKT International after Deep Tyagi, Harvey, 75, recalled in a brief interview while he was in Kochi to speak at what was billed as the global healthcare meeting on marketing and franchising. Harvey is reckoned as a social marketing guru <a href="">Wholesale Cigarettes For Sale</a>.

    Early to marketSocial marketing, which combines elements of commercial marketing with societal goals, aims at behavioural changes in communities. It is mostly used in the health sector for campaigns such as birth control, HIV and lifestyle change by governments and international NGOs. India family planning campaign with its massive advertisements, subsidised or free contraceptives supply and public awareness efforts was one of the best early social marketing initiatives <a href="">Cigarettes Online Usa Only</a>.

    In an article in Huffington Post, Harvey notes: social marketing of contraceptives was conceived by Peter King and his colleagues at Calcutta Indian Institute of Management in 1964. While in university, the two young men started an innovative business, which later developed into a major marketing tool: they sold condoms through mail order. In 1970, they launched Population Services International that provided contraceptive products and services. For seven years, Harvey was the executive director of PSI.

    He later started Adam Eve, one of the largest adult entertainment companies in the world that sold products online and by mail order. Pornographic films, vibrators, condoms, sex toys and other adult-pleasure products brought in huge profits to Harvey who skilfully used social marketing techniques to push the products worldwide. He is rated of the most influential figures in American sex industry. But, not to Harvey. you think there is a moral conflict here? at all, he told Business Line. the contrary, I am proud of it. He elaborates: DKT helps millions of people in poor countries in Africa and Asia; it supports family planning initiatives; and provides reproductive healthcare products and services <a href="">Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Online</a>. am proud of my contributions to the sexual healthcare of so many people <a href="">Wholesale Usa Cigarettes</a>, he says. As for the pornography business: human being has the right to sexual enjoyment <a href="">Cigarettes For Sale Wholesale</a>. (He has written a book titled The Government vs. Erotica.) The curbs on family planning and pornography, he always stressed, were unconstitutional.

    He is a big supporter of abortion of unwanted pregnancies. Referring to the death of Indian dentist Savita Halappanavar after a miscarriage in an Irish hospital when doctors refused to do abortion on her last year, Harvey said: woman has the right to do what she wants to do with her body, he said. is up to her to decide what happens to her body. than a third of couples in the developing countries get their contraceptives through social marketing, Phil Harvey points out.<br/>related article :<br/> <a href="">Buy Single Packs Of Cigarettes Online</a>
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