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    Wood screws hold best when driven perpendicular to the wood grain. They loose a substantial amount of their holding power when driven into end grain, parallel to the grain direction. The same is true when you drive screws into the edges of plywood and particleboard -- the screws will not be properly anchored. In many cases you can live with this. Often the screws are only necessary to hold the parts in place until the glue dries. Once the glue is set, it carries most of the load even though you may leave the screws installed permanently. However, on those occassions when you need a better anchor, drill a hole in the material and insert a wooden dowel perpendicular to the screws. If you're concerned about the dowel being visible, (1) drill a blind hole from the back surface of the piece or (2) cover the end of the dowel with a wooden plug to match the wood grain.

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    Simple nuff!!
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    Good info!! Thanks
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    Great tip. Thank You Nick.
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