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    • CommentTimeJun 20th 2009
    I'm getting ready to post the first project in the Project section. I thought I'd show how to build the Mule Chest that's shown on the Home Page -- the little one-drawer keeping box sitting on my workbench in a state of not-quite-complete. I will be posting the explodes in Google Sketchup for several reasons, to wit (1) the Sketchup Viewer is free from Google, (2) it's remarkably easy to use, and (3) it provides more viewing alternatives than any other virtual reality viewer on the market. I've posted several snapshots below to give you an idea of what' possible. For those of you that would rather not mess with it, we will also be providing plain old two-dimensional explodes and illustrations. But if you would like to explore the the possibilities, I've posted the Mule Chest Explode on the Welcome (Guide) Page, along with links for downloading free copies of Google Sketchup and Sketchup Viewer. See!/Welcome.htm#3D .

    With all good wishes,
    • CommentAuthordusty
    • CommentTimeJun 20th 2009
    This will be interesting and someday might be useful; however, my skills with Sketchup have developed very slowly.
    • CommentAuthorrkh2
    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2009
    Looking forward to this project. I have sketchup 7 on my pc but am at the beginner stage of how to use it. Also looking forward to building a project such as this.
    can the side be done with the finger joint jig . still a novice on dove tails. looking forward to this project.

    I have built many boxes and small chest with finger joints. It works well and on small projects I actually perfer the look.

    mark i'm a toy maker mainly, loved doing it for my 7 grandkids. 5 g,son 2 gdaughters.I have in my ealier years built furniture for my home.but with the hectic pace of life.theres not a whole lot of time left for what i really wish to be doing. which is making the process of making christmas for my boys and girls.will follow nick on the mule chest. if for nothing else to take space on my work bench. have more than enough storage. have 32 drawers under my wall lenght work bench. a proper place for everything.(papa's toys).
    • CommentAuthorAijca
    • CommentTimeAug 9th 2012
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