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    Product Description
    Pulse Air Stream Drying Equipment Working Principle
    Pulse air stream drying equipment has a dispersing fan, especially for thermal material air-drying operation. A high-speed, swirling fan impeller that breaks up wet and even caked material until it is dispersed, agitates and mixes in the dispersion process, and then flows parallel to the hot gas stream. This type of equipment to meet the dry cake caking, but also belong to the surface moisture of the material, moisture content ≤ 40%, if the handling capacity or finished product requirements to dry to 15% below, the use of secondary air drying . When the material moisture content of more than 40%. But ≤ 60%, the feed is more difficult, should be used mixer, mixed into the dry material to reduce feed water, this time, the total output of drying equipment will have a more substantial decline, which in the economy On the uneconomical. Therefore, the user should first use mechanical methods (centrifugal dehydration or filter press) as much as possible to reduce the feed water, to ensure the smooth operation of the drying operation.
    Pulse Air Stream Drying Equipment Technical Specifications
    Water Evaporationkg/h501002505001500
    Air FilterArea (m2)46183660
    Change The Time (h)200(Filter bag)200(Filter bag)200(Filter bag)200(Filter bag)200(Filter bag)
    HeaterArea (m2)3043186365940
    Consumption of Steam (kg)1202354509722430
    Work Pressure (Mpa)0.6-0.80.6-0.80.6-0.80.6-0.80.6-0.8
    FeederDelivery Volume (kg/h)15029072517404350
    Control MethodElectromagnetic Speed Motor
    Effectiveness (%)98989898
    Bag FilterNumber11111
    Water Consumption3.6-20.0
    Pulse Air Stream Drying Equipment Features
    1. High degree of automation,
    2. Low investment, low energy consumption,
    3. Occupation of human and plant area is relatively small,
    4. Wide range of common, is the ideal of modern equipment.
    Pulse Air Stream Drying Equipment Applications
    It is suitable for the drying and dehumidification of powder materials in the fields of pharmacy, chemical industry, foodstuff, building material and plastics, such as starch, fish meal, salt, distiller's grains, feed, gluten, plastic resin, ore powder, coal powder, S · C stupid acid, 2.3 acid, poly (chloroacetate), sodium sulfate, sodium metabisulfite and other materials drying.
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