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    Kauri trees grow in the wetlands of the northern island of New Zealand. They are an endangered species, protected by law. But it's still possible to get Kauri wood if you don't mind working with the old stuff. It seems these trees have been growing up, falling over, and getting themselves preserved just below the surface of the swamp waters for going on 50,000 years now. And like the ancient white cedar and cypress logs that American colonists once "mined" in the wetlands of the east coast of North America, the logs that are being found buried in New Zeland are still sound and workable. (See .) Several companies are now importing this lumber into America. Check out . It's not cheap -- the single board I show below is $200, plus shipping. But it is beautiful, and it might be a good investment if you're turning pens or making other "smalls" that you want to have extra perceived value.

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      kauri Whitebait%20Platter%20Copy.jpg
      Kauri Pen.jpg
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