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    • CommentAuthormomu140
    • CommentTimeApr 13th 2018
    3 seats 9d vr cinema simulator
    Product Description
    Item 9D VR Cinema with 3 seatsBrand EPARK
    Place of original Guangzhou, ChinaGlass PICO helmet
    Power 4.5KWGross weight 690KGS
    Resolution 3840X2160Demision 210*210*200 CM
    Monitor 22/47 inch touch screenMovies 86pcs movies
    System Electric motion systemLanguage English Version
    Our advantages of 9D VR Cinema:
    * We can provide 86 pcs movies and 7 interactive games. Update movie for free.
    * One years warranty from the date of shipment, providing life-time technology support.
    * Our cooperate system is full English.
    * Small business location (only 2-9 square meter )
    * Full automatic mode, 1 person for operation
    * We use famous brand PICO glasses with resolution for 3840*2160.
    * Account check function which can help you check which movie/how many times it play everyday. It is beneficial to check the daily account if you rent a worker to help you manage your business.
    Movies and Games
    86 movies + 7 interatctive games will be provided for free!
    9D VR Cinema Factory PicturesChina 9D VR Cinema factory