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    • CommentTimeApr 13th 2018
    UG-NISxWA Solar street light is an intelligent, on or off-grid lighting system using green solar energy. The system consists of LED street lamp, solar panel, battery , and the system controller. System configurations can be customized according to actual applications.
    Solar street light Design
    Working time modes
    Time-1,4 Hours 100% bright light.
    Time-2,6 Hours 50% bright light, in this time, motion sensor will be active to turn on 100% bright for 45S".
    Time-3,100% bright light till dawn.
    LED LampLumenLithinm BatterySolar PanelController
    30W-35W3,600-4,50080Ah-12V* 1Pcs Lithium solar battery120W* 1Pcs Mono Crystaline15A/12V Lithium charge Controller with Human move sensor.
    40-45W4,800-6,00060Ah-24V* 1Pcs Lithium solar battery150W* 1Pcs Mono Crystaline15A/24V Lithium charge Controller with Human move sensor.
    60W7,200-9,00080Ah-24V* 1Pcs Lithium solar battery110W* 2Pcs Mono Crystaline15A/24V Lithium charge Controller with Human move sensor.
    LED Street Light Technical Features:
    1, lamps adopt modular design,both dust cover and modules are modular which can be easily for regular stock up,so that the demand for different customized specifications can be achieved.
    2, Lamp lens adopt optical PC grade anti-aging materials,with high lighting transmittance,2 times lighting match to improve the efficacy of the lights.
    3, Lamps heat dissipation radiators use tensile aluminum with high thermal conductivity,with rational heat distribution,thermal equilibrium.
    4, Lamps driver use stable constant current drive case of international renowned companies,and can achieve 30%-100% brightness intelligent lighting control according to customer demand,to make lamps more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.
    5, Lamps covers use buckle design,make the replacement and maintenance more quickly and easily,as well as have simple and beautiful appearance.
    Q. Can I have a sample order for led light?
    A: Yes, we welcome sample order to test and check quality. Mixed samples are acceptable.
    Q: What to do with the rainy day or Cloudy day?
    A: The outdoor solar light is waterproof. You don’t need to worry about it. After fully charged, the capacity of battery can keep the LED working in several rainy/ cloudy days.
    Q: Do you offer guarantee for the products?
    A: Yes, we offer 5 years warranty to our products.wholesale Separated Solar Street Light