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    Since I'm still tweaking my Sketchup wood screw rendition, let me share something else about screws. They can be used to perform two basic tasks depending on how you install them.

    1. Screws as fasteners -- Flathead wood screws have three basic parts -- conical head, shank, screw -- and a standard screw drill bores holes for all three -- countersink, shank hole, pilot hole. You need all three of these when you want to fasten two parts together. Clamp the parts together, drill the screw hole, and drive the screw. Because the pilot hole is smaller in diameter than the screw, the threads will be engaged in both wooden parts. When you remove the clamp, the parts will remain tight.

    2. Screw as clamps -- You can also use a screw to draw two parts together. But for this to happen, the threads must engage only one part. When this is the case, go ahead and shoot a screw hole. But then enlarge the pilot hole to the same diameter as the shank hole so it extends all the way through the first part. When you drive the screw, the threads will turn without engaging in the extended shank hole, but they will engage the second part and draw it toward the first.

    With all good wishes,
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    • CommentTimeJul 7th 2009
    I have always used the 'clamp' option. I do not understand the purpose of the 'fasten' option unless it is to 'fasten' a third object in which case the clamping action is unnecessary.
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