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    I've had an Incra fence on my Shopsmith for several years, and it works great. But the way it mounts has always seemed a little strange to me. The base of the Incra mounts onto a floating table. The floating table can then either be supported with the telescoping legs, or have a foot added to the bottom that sits on the extension table. I don't remember why, but I've always used the latter option. Is there a reason that the base of the Incra doesn't just attach directly to the extension table? That seems like it would be both simpler, and more stable.

    Earl Morton
    Kent, WA
      Incra mounting.JPG
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    • CommentTimeJul 4th 2009 edited
    I can see from your photo image that you have a newer model Incra than I do but I don't think that makes a difference in mounting.

    I do mount my Incra to directly to the extension table. Originally, I drilled an extension table to accept the Incra base. That worked but for some reason, I don't recall exactly why, I changed that.

    I drilled the side of an extension table so that I could mount a piece of aluminum angle. On top of that aluminum angle I mounted a t-track that is flush with the top of the extension table. Using t-nuts, I secure the Incra base to the t-track on the extension table. This way I have x,y movement of the Incra fence.

    In the attached image, the t-track extends beyond the edge of the extension table. That configuration became a safety hazard and I have since cut the t-track flush with the edge of the table. The image shows the t-track in association with the main table. I now find that I use this much more extensively with the router table. The Incra fence and a router make an awesome combination.
      T-Track Installed.JPG
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    • CommentTimeJul 4th 2009
    I've attached a photo image that shows the Incra mounted on the modified extension table. The Incra is NOT attached to the rip fence! I contemplated that but have not done so yet and may not. The Incra fence works perfectly fine in this configuration.
    • CommentTimeJul 5th 2009
    The Incra Fence at the Shopsmith Academy was attached to an extension table rather than a floating table. Although I've never user the fence with the rubber foot resting on and extension table, I can't help but thinking that the setup would be less stable. If you do mount it to the extension table, however, you must tie the main table and extension table together will rails to maintain the accuracy that the fence affords.

    With all good wishes,
    Thanks, Dusty and Nick! When I get a break in my other projects, I think I'll switch it to an extension table. Actually, since I already have a table drilled for it, I'll look into just moving that table to the extension table base, and make the current extension table a floating table. I haven't checked to see how difficult that would be, but it doesn't seem like it should be much work.

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    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2009
    It is not difficult and should not take more than about a half hour. One word of caution: If you are currently using an extension table that was purchased as an extension table, the studs cannot be removed. You'll forever have four studs sticking out the bottom. Of course, you could cut them off.

    The floating table that is to become an extension table will have to be tapped for new studs.

    I would just drill another table!
    Hmmm...I see your point. I guess it would be easier to just drill another table. Plus, now that I think of it, there might be occasions when it would be nice to have the choice of mounting the Incra on either a floating or extension table.
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    • CommentTimeJul 7th 2009 edited

    Notice the t-track that I have installed on one of the tables (extension or floating). That installation is nothing more that a piece of aluminum angle attached to the table and a t-track attached to the aluminum angle.

    I have not done it yet but the t-track assembly can be moved from table to table if the need arises. You can do this without drilling the table at all. Notice that, in this application, the Incra is attached to the table using t-nuts.

    I would really like to see Shopsmith offer a 7" table with a miter slot.
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    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2009
    I mounted mine to a floating table to the right of the extension table. This allows me the full 32" capacity. In the photo below, you will notice that it is not up against the extension table. Normally it is, but when using the SS Crosscut Sliding table, I need to slide it away a few inches.
      Phone Table 1 00008_web.jpg
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    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2009
    Sorry, a better photo
      Phone Table 1 00005_web.jpg
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