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    The casters don't have to be retracable for you to be able to switch the tools between stationary and mobile. You can just as easily make the feet retractable. Hinge a thick board (such as a 2x4) to the bottom of the stand so that it will fold up out of the way and let the stand rest on it's casters. To make the stand stationary, lift up on one side of the tool so the board swings down, and then rock the stand up onto it. The board must be slightly wider that the "load height" of the casters so the feet will hold the casters off the floor. A 2x4 is perfect for standard 2-1/2" casters. The 2x4 is 3-1/2" wide and the load height of the casters are 3-5/16".

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    Your two tips of the day regarding retractable caster are excellent. Looking forward to some more creative ideas.
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