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    • CommentTimeMay 14th 2018
    Custom metal forming service and metal forming product

    We are capable of providing different kinds of metal forming products, machining parts, material from ferrous metal cold steel and hot rolled steel to to non-ferrous forming parts, stamping and punching parts etc, with customer’s drawing or detailed requirements. Our main metal forming equipment with international top brand, imported from Japan, Swill, Cnada, enhanced mechanical working accuracy much for high end market client requirement, from like Unite State, Europe countries.

    We can provide you R&D solution too, by our Engineering developing department, fast and low priced designing, processing of metal forming fabrication for any mechanical industry.

    We are able to produce most metal products and parts for varior ndusties: mechanical machinery, chemical equipment, electrical facility, computer making factories,shipping and air transport, as our factory equipped most metal forming machine equipment like punching, stamping, press brake,shearing, laser cutting, bending, lathe, drilling, finishing and so on.

    China Stainless Steel Fabrication