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    Shanghai Tangcheng is a global manufacturer and supplier of valves offering OS&Y Carbon Steel Single Disc Handwheel Flat Gate Valve. Our products are durable, solid and reliable with a competitive price.
    Describes the design and product range
    - Design basis: ASME B16.34, GB12234, API600
    - Flanged ends: ASME B16.5, GB9113
    - Butt-welding ends: ASME B16.25
    - Face-to-face dimension: ASME B16.10, GB12221
    - Inspection and test: API598, API6D, JB/T9092
    - Pressure rating: Class150~2500, PN16~PN420
    - Product range: 2″~48″, DN50~DN1200
    - Materials of main parts: WCB, LCB, WC6, WC9, C5, C12

    Design Features
    - Certified to API600
    - Design of outside screw and yoke
    - Bolted bonnet
    - Pressure self-sealing type bonnet
    - Design of wedge type flexible gate and full guide rail
    - Operation methods: handwheel, level, gear or electric operation
    - Replaceable valve seat and back seat
    - Integral seat and back seat are adopted in stainless steel valves
    1. OEM service:
    No agents, no trading company, reduce all necessary cost for you. Direct communication with our engineer.
    2. Professional team:
    20 years foreign customers service experience. Over 10 years investment casting manufacture.
    Almost 35% high educated people.
    3. Globally acceptable quality:
    The products offered by us are thoroughly examined by our experienced professionals to ensure their durability, reliability and long service life.
    Full fledged QA department & ISO 9001 certification.
    4. MOQ:
    100 pcs is even acceptable in some special conditions
    5. Annual output
    It is more than 3000 metric ton, so we can deliver on time.

    Name Part name Material
    1 Valve Body Ductile Iron ASTM A536
    2 Resilient Wedge Ductile Iron ASTM A536+EPDM ASTM D 2000
    3 Wedge Nut Bronze ASTM B 584 UNS C83600
    4 Stem Bronze ASTM B 150 UNS C61400
    5 Bonnet Gasket EPDM ASTM D2000
    6 Bonnet Screw Alloy Steel ASTM A 574M Zinc Plated
    7 Bonnet Ductile Iron ASTM A536
    8 Stem Primary O-ring EPDM ASTM D2000
    9 Stem Thrust Washer(lower) Bronze ASTM B 584 UNS C83600
    10 Stem Thrust Washer(upper) Stainless Steel ASTM A 276 UNS S41000/C83600
    11 Gland Seal O-ring EPDM ASTM D2000
    12 Stem Seal Bushing Bronze ASTM B 584 UNS C83600
    13 Stem Secondary O-ring EPDM ASTM D2000
    14 Gland Flange Ductile Iron ASTM A536
    15 Gland Flange Screw Alloy Steel ASTM A 574M Zinc Plated
    16 Stem Ring wiper EPDM ASTM D2000
    17 Square Operating Nut Cast Iron ASTM A 126-B
    18 Flat Washer Carbon Steel Zinc Plated
    19 Screw Alloy Steel ASTM A 574M Zinc Plated



    Contact Us
    Contact Person: Eric Zhu
    TEL: +86-21-64973958
    Web: solenoid gate valve suppliers