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    Up in smoke: Mr Abbott told Kyle and Jackie O that he's no fan of puffing away on ciggies as he was 'turned off' by the habits of his parents <a href="">Cheap Cigarettes For Sale Online</a>, both heavy smokers. 'You're a bum puffer!' Kyle joked.

    Given the PM is a public opponent of the tobacco industry <a href="">Duty Free Marlboro Cigarettes</a>, some might have expected him to take a harder line about his daughter's habit.

    'My mum and dad were both heavy smokers and that kind of put me off smoking,' he explained. 'I've never been much good at the old drawback, I'm afraid.'

    He then added: 'I think there are a few things that most of us haven't tried at some stage' <a href="">Newport Cigarettes For Sale</a>.

    'Not me!' Kyle quipped. 'I've tried everything.'

    Until the images surfaced, fashion student Frances had never appeared publicly with a beau, instead attending events with her sister Bridget, 20.

    And while the focus of the interview was meant to be the Abbott government's newly released budget <a href="">Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes</a>, Kyle and Jackie O couldn't resist asking The PM to don his dad hat for a moment and reveal what he thinks of Frances' boyfriend.

    'What do you reckon of that boyfriend, is he a keeper, or is he no good?' Kyle asked, insisting the PM must have some influence over his daughter's choice of partner <a href="">Cigarettes Online Free Shipping</a>.<br/>related article :<br/> <a href="">Pipe Tobacco Shops Online</a>
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